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TOTAL Lubricants :-

Hydraulic Oil :-

Complete range of hydraulic oil having properties of antiwear, high oxidation, thermal stability, High shear stability, excellent hydrolysis & Oxidation Resistance, food grade system oils & Compressor lubricating oils. These Oils are suitable in Machine tool hydraulic system, roller bearing circulation path, gear boxes, off highway equipments, highway equipments. Suitable where longer drain interval & wet filterability characters are desired. Viz. injection moulding, Concrete ready mixer, steel & Paper industries. Food grade oils are also available to use in food grade industry.


Gear Oils :-
Mineral & Synthetic based gear oils designed for all enclosed gear drives operating under heavy loads, High temperature & moisture. Range of Bitumen based & Non bituminous based sugar mill bearing lubricant having good water resistance & anti dripping character. Gear Oils recommended for longer drain & corrosion protection requirement found in wind turbine, steel paper mill, open end spinning mill, marine application & various applications across the industry having reduction gear boxes.

Gas engine & turbine oil :-
High Performance turbine oil designed to meet modern steam, gas, hydro turbine lubrication. Gas turbine oil suitable for turbines submitted to high bearing temperature & thermal stresses, meets the requirement of most OEMs. Offers engine oil used in engine running on natural gas & biogas where medium ash is desired.

Metal working fluids :-
The TOTAL product line-up includes a staggering range of fluids, lubes & products for machining, grinding, drilling, rust prevention, tapping , drawing, heat treatment fluids & more. These range of products is a one-stop solution for Productivity, Stability, Longevity, Multi functionality & lower wastage.

Rust preventive oils :-
High performance solvent cut back rust preventive oils are designed to meet all environmental conditions (Acid, Salt, Humid, Heat) & can be applied by spray, felt or by dipping. Renders excellent long term protection. In dewatering type rust preventive oil, Built-in finger print neutralizer enables the retention of oil film even after prolonged handling of coated components. Suitable for short term & Work in Progress (WIP) rust prevention requirements.

Compressor oil :-
Long drain mineral based compressor oil having higher thermal & oxidation resistance character used in Screw compressor for Atlas, Elgi, Chicago Pneumatic etc. where long drain is desired. PAO based synthetic oil can be used for ratoary compressors, where discharge temperature exceeds 90 deg C & pressure > 10 bar. Food grade oil is also available for compressors & chain lubrication to use in beverage, pharma, sugar & confectionary units. 

Thermal fluid :-
This line of products includes both synthetic & mineral based HT fluid formulated from selective base having good thermal stability, higher Viscosity Index & very high flash point. These fluids can be used for the system having operational temperatures (-10 to 350 deg C film temperature), recommended for use in heat transfer system.

Textile specialty oil :-
A complete range of products to use in textile industry for Hydraulic & spindle lubrication, Gear lubrication, Utility lubrication, Bearing lubrication, Chain lubrication, Spinning , weaving, dyeing & knitting lubrication. Offers perfect solution for wear, higher machine temperature, increase in power consumption, Oil splashing, clogging of lubricant delivery tube, malfunctioning of actuator, difficulties in working with elastane & stains on knitted fabric.

Grease :-
Lithium based multipurpose, Extreme pressure grease to use in Bearings, universal joints of shocks & vibration, wet dusty, dry application in steel-sinter plant, mining-backhoe loader, Pin-bushing, Stackers & Clutch diaphragm. Heavy duty calcium sulphonate grease for high temperature & High load application in steel , marine & cement wire rope, Paper, asphestos, & textile industry. MOS2 & Aluminum complex grease for high temperature & open gear lubrication.

Coolant :-
TOTAL offers organic coolant having good anti freeze capability & better heat absorbing property which provides powerful cooling. These coolants are best suited for stationary engine operating in high/cold temperature requiring fast cooling & commercial vehicles, tractors, cars.

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