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Protective coatings / Industrial flooring / Metal repair compounds :-

Glass flake coatings :-
These are Coatings which protect and repair various industrial equipments, which are already affected or likely to get affected by severe corrosion, erosion and chemical attack. These coatings are found to be the most economical solution against Sea water attack. Our glass flake systems have extremely low permeability, good resistance to undercutting, good chemical resistance, relatively high abrasion / erosion resistance & minimal shrinkage.

Protective Coatings :-
These are a range of high performance 100% solids specialty coatings designed to protect various industrial structures, equipments and civil structures against corrosion, heat, chemical attack, fungus, ultraviolet radiation, fire, seepage etc.

Industrial Flooring :-
These Products are designed to save industrial floor which gets damaged due to movement of heavy equipments, spillage of oil, grease, chemicals etc.  These coatings not only save the floor, but also provide aesthetic looks. Specially designed anti skid floor coatings are also available.

Wear Resistant Compounds :-
These are 100% solid, non-shrinking, metal filled epoxies that repair and restore damaged parts and put equipment back into service in a short time. Repairs can be done without any heat input. Used to arrest leakages in pipe lines, tanks, to build up worn-out portion of different components, to seal cracks in various equipments.

Namely: Superior Metal, Steel Putty, Steel Liquid, Fast cure Steel Putty.

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