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Specialty Lubricants & Dispersions :-

Food Grade Lubricants :-

A complete line of fluids, lubricants & greases for lubricating applications whenever a food grade lubricant is required. The high performance Foodmax® line is NSF approved and includes a range of spray cans. ‘Matrix food grade lubricants’ are used in operations where incidental contact with food may occur or in operations which require H-1 lubricants such as Food Processing Plants, Meat, Poultry, or Fish Processing Plants , Beverage & Bottling Plants, Dairies, Pharmaceutical Plants and bakeries.


Steel Industry Lubricants :-
In steel industry high temperatures upto 600ºC & high impact loads are experienced in the hot mills. It is difficult to pump grease to remote locations under cold conditions. There are chances of mixing lubricant with large volumes of cooling water in steel industry. So to overcome this conditions matrix bv has developed special lubricants for steel industry for Raw material handling, Sinter installations, Coke oven, Blast furnace, Lubrication of furnaces, Continuous roller casting, Cold rolling.

Metal Working Lubricants :-
These products are used to minimize tool wear and provide required surface quality in various industries like the production of metal sheets, vehicle components, metal containers, cutlery and cookware, small ironwork and many more. Metalworking products are usually applied in various conditions: oily undiluted, diluted with solvents, flux oils or water or in solid condition (paste-like).

Mining Industry Lubricants :-

Big, bigger and biggest are the standards in Mining. Extreme pressure, water contamination, dust, shocks; high loads are the working conditions of mines. Matrix bv lubricant complies with key factors that are extreme pressure, reliability, consistency and performance. High performance lubricants for draglines, loaders, shovels, excavators, haulers and other earth moving equipment running at maximum stress and heavy loads.


Textile Industry Lubricants :-
Spinning, Texturing, Knitting, Weaving are the main processes of textile industry. Matrix bv lubricants provides high thermal stability, special friction response under stress or temperature, polymer compatibility. Spinning machines, Synthetic fibre spinning machines, Spool pirn winding machines, Warp knitting machines, Hosiery machines, Weaving preparation machines, Looms, Textile finishing machines.

Lubricants for Wind Turbines :-
Wind energy is inexhaustible. As long as winds blow on earth, this energy will always be there for us to harness. As we use more and more of wind energy, less and less fossil fuels will be burnt. This, in effect, means less pollution. Matrix has specially developed some lubricants for parts of wind turbine such as Rotor Blade, main bearing, gear box unit, generator, control system, hydraulic system & bearing.

Biodegradable Lubricants :-
This line of products includes biodegradable hydraulic, gear, and other lubricants as well as a range of greases and concrete mould release agents. High performance, long life, low toxicity and biodegradability are key factors within this product group.

Chain Lubricants :-
This product group includes lubricant such as Chainmax WR; Chainmax & Chaintop MT. Chainmax WR oils are very adherent and high pressure resistant. They act as water resistant agent, and build an anticorrosive and anti wear protective film. Chainmax is used for temperatures up to 150ºC.Chaintop MT is a range of synthetic oils developed for the lubrication of chain systems, bolts and roller chains, sliding tracks.

Grease and paste :-

A very extensive range of specialty greases and pastes including Polyurea, Calcium sulphonate, and Aluminium complex, Barium, Silicon, Inorganic and PFPE based. Using the latest technology and materials we are able to provide high performance and therefore problem solving products. There is a grease for every application in High & low speeds, high loads, extreme temperatures, dust & water contamination and all other intense operating conditions.


Compressor, Vacuum and Refrigeration Fluids :-
A comprehensive range of gas and refrigeration compressor fluids providing long life & low maintenance Costs coupled with high efficiency. The Product range consists of mineral and synthetic (Hydro treated, PAO, POE, Alkyl Benzenes, Di-Ester, Ester, PAG, PFPE) based lubricants with performance up to 12,000 hr drain intervals.

Industrial Specialty Products
This product group includes a range of specialty chain lubricants, gear oils, transformer oils, turbine oils, wire rope lubricants, subsea lubricants, weldmax products, Boron Nitride based lubricants, Anode stub coatings, forging lubricants, etc. All the products exceed performance expectations and therefore contributing to a lower maintenance costs.

Specialty Base Oils :-

These base oils are used in the formulation of metalworking fluids, biodegradable hydraulic fluids, top tier 2 stroke engine oils, mould release agents, etc. They include DTO, TOFA, and various types of esters. Matrix bv offers a range of PURITY™ base oils that have a high viscosity index (VHVI fluids have a Very High Viscosity Index).Matrix delivers synthetic product performance at a lower cost,have low volatility, high thermal stability, and excellent low temperature capabilities.


Cement Industry Lubricants :-

Lubricants are specially designed for the heavy duty equipment sensitive cement industry to greatly reduce wear, such as galling and scarring, and to help extend equipment life. Matrix bv offers speciality lubricants for all kinds of cement plant applications like Crushers, Grinding Mills, Separators, Roller Presses, Rotary Kilns, Coolers, Ball Mills, Open gear drives, Enclosed gears, Gear couplings, Assembly pastes, Compressors and other general applications.


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